Jonathan Perugia – Director & Founder

I have spent more than 25 years as a documentary, travel and commercial photographer and filmmaker in nearly 30 countries.

I’ve successfully served hundreds of NGO, commercial, and editorial clients, including the United Nations, Save the Children, Sony and the Guardian.

I launched Gaia Visual as a response to the challenges we face around the world, and a desire to contribute to the global movement for good.

My creative development has also been a spiritual journey: gratitude, joy, fun, connection and love are at the heart of how and why I work.

My images and stories depend on warm relationships with people, a deep appreciation for my clients and their stakeholders, and both documentary and commercial expertise.

Laura Mahler – Producer

While volunteering in Southeast Asia, sustainability and a concern for environmental and humanitarian issues became a big part of what I wanted to focus my life on.

I spent 2 years working in CSR and social enterprise, and I completed an MRes in Environmental Research at King’s College London. I have been lucky to present my research internationally.

I left academia to pursue a more direct form of activism; to increase my impact by reaching more people using film & photography. I also founded Film the Change, a non-profit documentary production company, to create long-form pieces about current global issues and solutions. 


We don’t work with everyone who approaches us. We only serve people whose values we share.

We have a network of like-minded creative collaborators around the world, and we engage with sustainability consultants, CSR professionals, and development organisations to ensure we nail your brief.

Phase One – Consultation

We clarify exactly what you want to say, to whom and why. We can help you work out how to best achieve your goals.

You will receive a clear quote, and a simple license that allows you to use your visual assets in the ways you need, for as long as you need.

Phase Two – Production

We are used to working alone, under pressure, in very challenging situations. And we are used to organising complex projects with many elements. You will not need to babysit us.

We deal with your clients, staff and all stakeholders with warmth and sensitivity.

Phase Three – Postproduction and Delivery

You get at least two rounds of review, to ensure that your final product surpasses expectation.

Your assets will be delivered physically or digitally, in all formats you require.

And if you need anything further, we are always delighted to help.