The Guardian, UN, UNHCR and IOM

Tsunami relief and reconstruction, Aceh, Indonesia.


‘Amid absolute devastation, Jonathan showed a remarkable rapport with his subjects, creating a unique body of work that was both artistically satisfying and met IOM’s needs as an international agency responding to a major humanitarian emergency. Traumatized Acehnese children and adults, IOM emergency staff, Japanese military doctors and IOM’s Director General, all responded to his relaxed, entertaining, but highly professional demeanour. The pictures were also promptly and professionally edited and captioned.


Jonathan consistently produced compelling images under testing conditions that organisations and their partners (such as USAID and the Japanese government) could use to raise awareness and funding.

He also photographed and interviewed one of the IOM doctors for the Guardian article, which in turn helped IOM to raise awareness of their work.


IOM and UNHCR required documentary images of the situation on the ground after the disaster, their emergency response, and long-term reconstruction efforts.

This involved working sensitively under difficult conditions, with very traumatised people, as well as exhausted staff and volunteers.


Many assignments over a 2 year period show how these organisations worked with local people to rebuild their communities: constructing houses and public buildings, education programmes, livelihood support and anti-trafficking activities.


The Guardian needed interviews and portraits of people for a feature on the situation one month on from the Tsunami.

At very short notice, Jonathan produced five environmental portraits and interviews, which considerably elevated the impact and quality of the piece.


Thank you so much for your fantastic portraits, and for marshalling all those alternative interviewees for the Guardian post-tsunami edition. Super work, greatly appreciated by us here.” 

Leslie Plommer, Executive editor, Features
The Guardian


The UN Special Representative, Bill Clinton: official visit to Aceh.

The UN needed to document many aspects of this fast-moving visit, which also involved negotiating the needs of many different organisations, to a very tight schedule and deadlines.

Jonathan travelled with the official entourage, creating work showing the huge affection and appreciation felt for President Clinton by the Acehnese and many of the aid workers on the ground.