Gaia Visual helps people and organisations who create positive social and environmental change connect with their audiences, using visual storytelling, photography, and video.

We have over 25 years’ experience in telling visual stories that have helped clients – from the United Nations to local social enterprises – warm hearts, raise funds and build business.

Opening eyes, minds, and hearts requires an intimate storytelling approach.

Our connection with you, and with your stakeholders, translates to your connection with your audience.

We exist to tell the stories the world needs to hear: Your story.

See some selected stories below.



Our clients report significant impacts on profit, awareness and long-term engagement:

European Palm Oil Alliance – our 360 VR tour of a certified sustainable plantation in Malaysia has promoted their goal of 100% sustainable palm oil uptake, saved the organisation thousands of euros in travel costs and reduced their carbon emissions.

Royal College of Physicians – printed campaigns using visual stories from hospitals increased practitioner and patient engagement – leading to improved awareness and uptake of treatment for specific chronic conditions.

Safe Ground – intimate imagery has increased enrolment in their programmes for prisoners and families, leading to reduced rates of reoffending.  



“Thank you so much for your fantastic portraits, and for marshalling all those alternative interviewees. Super work, greatly appreciated by us here.”


Leslie Plommer, Executive editor, Features
The Guardian

“Jonathan showed remarkable rapport with his subjects, including traumatized Acehnese survivors and emergency aid staff: they all responded to his relaxed, entertaining, but highly professional demeanour.”


Chris Lom,
Head, Online Communications, Spokesperson
International Organization for Migration

“Working with Jonathan is a wonderful experience.His professionalism, flexibility and creative genius impressed me greatly. I highly recommend his skills and expertise.”


Misuu Borit,
Owner of Thahara, Myanmar

“Jonathan’s work, professionalism and service are very highly regarded and he is always a pleasure to work with.”


Ben Harrison, Designer.
Royal College of Physicians

Gaia Visual is based in London and works worldwide. Read More

We work globally and recent projects have been in South East Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar/Burma, India and Thailand – and South America – Brazil, Cuba, Colombia and Argentina.

We specialise in these main areas:

CSR Photography, CSR Video, and CSR Visual Storytelling. Gaia Visual – Jonathan Perugia and associates – works with companies and brands and their NGO, charity and social enterprise partners to help them tell the social impact stories of their work.

Charity Photography and Charity Video. Gaia Visual has worked with local and international charities to show how their work benefits local communities and stakeholders.

NGO photography, NGO Video and NGO Visual Storytelling. Working with national and global NGOs and development organisations, Gaia Visual brings to life the change and benefits that organisations are creating for communities and societies through visual storytelling, helping their audiences to better understand the impact of their programmes and the difference that they make.

Environmental Photography, Environmental Video. Telling a compelling story through photography, film and video, Gaia Visual works with companies and organisations who protect, conserve and revitalise the environment, and also leaders in sustainability and renewable energy

Social Impact Storytelling, Social Impact Photography and Social Impact Video: Companies, charities and civil society organisations are working hard to create positive social and environmental change around the world and Gaia Visual is experienced in helping them tell their stories in creative and engaging ways.