We work for a thriving world and healthy planet, where people are inspired to make personal, spiritual, social and environmental change.

We do this because we want a kinder, fairer, healthier world.

And we like happy stories.  


We are an intentionally small team. This means we are agile and flexible, and we draw on our global network of creative collaborators to put exactly the right team together when necessary.


Clients often come to us with the beginnings of an idea, loosely defined intentions, logistical challenges and even differing stakeholder interests.

We will discuss your needs in depth, and clarify exactly what you want to say, to whom and why.

This is how we help you shape your story, and ensure that we deliver exactly what you need.


We are used to working alone, under pressure, in very challenging situations. And we are used to organising complex projects with many elements.

You will not need to babysit us. We can be the ‘fly on the wall’, or take control and direct.

We appreciate that you’re entrusting us with something valuable; you can trust us to deal with your clients, staff and all stakeholders with warmth and sensitivity.



If you’d like to talk about how we can help you tell your story, we’d love to hear from you.

Studio - stories@gaiavisual.com

Jonathan - jp@gaiavisual.com 

Laura - lm@gaiavisual.com

+44 20 7558 8368

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