“A truly wonderful afternoon. Opened my eyes to the beauty in the small things. Fantastic learning!”

Annabel Kitson, The Mill, London



This is a playful, mindful adventure that encourages participants to slow down and connect to their child-like sense of wonder, their intuition, and gratitude.

Using yoga, meditation and silly games, people are encouraged to be present, to experience stillness, and to approach life in a mindful, observant way.

It’s open to anyone with any kind of camera.

People up their photography game quickly and simply. It’s focussed on composition, timing and light.

Ideal for:

  • Businesses creating healthy cultures and happier individuals.

  • Arts & heritage organisations increasing engagement with their artworks and spaces.

  • Educational and youth organisations creating safe spaces for people to explore ideas and build self worth.

Programmes can be devised specfically for your requirements, and can run for anything between 2 hours and a week, depending on your needs and aims.

Contact, or call 020 7558 8368 to find out more.

Benefits include:

  • Better mental health

  • Reduced Stress

  • Happier individuals

  • Stronger teams

  • Increased staff engagement

  • Increased digital wellness

  • Improved photography for social media

  • A mindfulness practice that people can use and develop in their everyday lives.

About Jonathan

My photography journey is intimately connected with my discovery of yoga in the early 90’s. I have been a been a professional photographer, teacher and practitioner of yoga and meditation ever since.

I’ve facilitated photography workshops for corporates, schools, hospitals and NGOs in many countries, working with creative and corporate teams in London, street children in Indonesia, Burmese journalists, and medics at the Royal College of Physicians.